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Please note: If you were a presenter at the 2015 Fall Conference and do not see your presentation listed below, please contact the webmaster or e-mail it to CEAM directly for posting/distribution. Thanks!

BWI Airport Future Growth Opportunities. Paul Shank, P.E., C.M., Maryland Aviation Administration. Download Here

SHA Access Management. Dave Coyne, Deputy Administrator, MD SHA. Download Here

2 Bridges, 2 Months: Poolesville Bridge Replacement. Girum Awoke, Ph.D, P.E. Chief Construction, Montgomery County Department of Transportation. Download Here

Nutrient Trading - Regulatory Framework & MDE Changes. Erik Michelsen, Watershed Administrator, Anne Arundel County & Shannon Moore, Manager, Office of Sustainability & Environmental Resources, Frederick County. Download Michelsen Here & Moore Here

Less is More: Sustainable Practicesa in Stream Restoration. Scott McGill, Principal, Ecotone, Inc. Download Presentation Here & Video Here


Please note: If you were a presenter at the 2015 Fall Conference and do not see your presentation listed below, please contact our Conference Chairman or e-mail it directly to CEAM for posting/distribution.

The Chesapeake Bay TMDL: EPA Update on Implementation Progress. Jon M. Capacasa, Water Division Director, US EPA Region III. Download Here

Full Depth Reclamation with Cementitious Grout. James W. Render, Jr., Senior Manager of Business Development, Essroc Cement Co. Download Here

Using RFID and GPS to Map Utility Systems. Matt McLaughlin, CCM, Utilities Program Manager, CES Consulting LLC. Download Here

Safety and the Evolving Solid Waste Industry. David Biderman, Executive Director/CEO, Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). Download Here

MACO Highlights & 2016 Legislative Session Outlook. Andrea Mansfield, Legislative Director, MACo. Download Here

Leadership for Success. Joel Oppenheimer, P.E., Senior Vice President, STV Incorporated. Download Here

PaveXpress 2.0 Pavement Design Tool. Marshall Klinefelter, Vice President – Technical Services, Maryland Asphalt Association. Download Here

Prince George’s County DPWT Snow Operations Using ArcGIS Online. Beth Schrayshuen, P.E., Project Manager, EA EST & Derek Winogradoff, PMP, Prince George’s DPWT. Download Here

Pavement Management Success Stories for Various Maryland Counties. Aaron Gerber, P.E., Senior Pavement Engineer, Kercher Engineering, Inc. Download Here

Design & Construction of a Riffle Grade Control to Restore Fish Passage. Eileen Straughan, LEED GA, President, Straughan Environmental, Inc. Download Here


Please note: If you were a presenter at the 2015 Spring Conference and you've not yet had an opportunity to share it with CEAM, please contact our Conference Chairman or e-mail it directly to CEAM for posting/distribution.

Legislative Update - 2015 General Assembly Session. Presented by Andrea Mansfield, Legislative Director, Maryland Association of Counties (MACo). Download Here

2015 Legislative Session - MACo Highlights. Presented by Andrea Mansfield, Legislative Director, MACo. Download Here

State-of-the-Practice Porous Asphalt Pavements. Presented by Kent R. Hansen, P.E., Director of Engineering, National Asphalt Pavement Association. Download Here

Porous Asphalt Demonstration Video (YouTube) Watch Video here

Slope Stability - Case Study using Soil Nailing. Presented by Jeff Stratmeyer, P.E. and Dan Svrjcek, P.E., Harford County Department of Public Works. Download Here

Slope Stabilization Using Cellular Confinement. Presented by Steve W. Fung, P.E., Schnabel Engineering. Download Here

Americans w/ Disabilities Act (ADA) - Self-Evaluations & Transition Plans for Public Rights-of-Way. Presented by Matheu J. Carter, P.E., Delaware T2 Center/LTAP. Download Here

Web Links (ADA SE&TP) - Download Here

Village of Lyons (NY) - ADA Transition Plan - Pedestrian Facilities in the Public Right of Way - Download Here

Roller Compacted Concrete - Parking Lots, Roads and Shoulders. Presented by Steven Tripp, Marketing Manager, Chaney Enterprises. Download Here


Please Note: If you were an exhibitor at the 2013 Fall Conference and your presentation is not listed below, please e-mail your materials to the webmaster and it will be posted ASAP.

Exhibitor Presentations. Download Here (5.3 MB)

ADA Sidewalk Design and Compliance. Presented by Dr. Richard Woo, PhD, PE, Director of Policy and Research, State Highway Administration. Download Here (0.4 MB)

Bridge Seminar. Presented by Taylor Gilmore, Bentley Systems - Inspecttech. Download Here (8.3 MB)

Large Project Environmental Permitting. Presented by Eileen Straughan, Straughan Environmental. Download Here (2.4 MB)

NACE Update. Presented by Brian Roberts, Executive Director, NACE. Download Here (0.9 MB)

Every Engineers Duty – What Tragedy has Taught Us about Professionalism, Ethics, Leadership and Public Safety. Presented by Dr. Lewis Link, Senior Research Engineer, University of Maryland Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Download Here (22.7 MB)

Roadway Marking Technology. Presented by Jeff Duthie, 3M Corporation. Download Here (1.6 MB). Webmaster note: If you are interested in receiving copies of the video files presented during this presentation, please contact the webmaster. Video files are too large for placement on website.


2012 General Assembly Legislative Update. Presented by Leslie Knapp, Associate Director, Maryland Association of Counties. Download Here (1.7 MB)

Accelerated Bridge Construction for Local Bridge Systems. Presented by Timothy H. Cupples, P.E., DBIA, Federal Highway Administration. Download Here (6.7 MB)

Mr. Cupples provided more information regarding some of the technical questions posed during the presentation. To access this information, click here.

The following are various presentations from past conferences, seminars and technical sessions held by CEAM. Thanks to all who contribute their work.

Stone Arch Bridges of Washington County. Presented at the Spring 2009 Conference by Scott Hobbs, P.E. and John Latimer of Gruber-Latimer Restoration. Download Here (4.5 MB)

"Pave Now or Pave More Later - Queen Anne's County". Presented at the Winter 2010 MACO Conference by Todd Mohn, P.E. Download Here (1.7 MB)

"Pave Now or Pave More Later - Anne Arundel County". Presented at the Winter 2010 MACO Conference by Greg Africa. Download Here (0.6 MB)

"Deferred Maintenance Presentation". Presented by NACE Executive Director Anthony Giancola at the Winter 2010 MACO Conference. Download Here (1.1 MB)